First 8 portraits ever.

First 7 Portraits, ever.


I sold my Sears banjo and bought a camera in 1974. A Ricoh 401 35mm. I had no idea what I was doing. I couldn't understand depth-of-field from the numbers on the lens barrel or understood how f-stops worked. This was on the first roll taken. This is Jack. My neighbor's dog.

Van Hoy 1975 s.jpg

While a freshman at photo school I secured a press pass for a concert in Austin, TX on March 30, 1976. I hitchhiked 350 miles for this opportunity. Timing is everything.

Also, interviewed Carlos Santana, with just a couple questions. I have the interview saved on CD. when I need a good laugh I take a listen!


Was now a 2nd year photography student. Shot this for the school newspaper. 


Janet was a friend of a friend who I lived with in Dallas. I heard her play and loved her songs. 


This group, The Jitters was hired to play at my house-warming party. I loved their music so much I asked if I could shoot their portrait on their break. They said YES!


The next night The Jitters played at Club Foote. I accidently shot a triple exposure. Sometimes mistakes work out!


1982 - My first pro job in Austin. I mentioned on the interview "please no people shots. I shoot commercial only." They insisted I do this. I declined till I had no choice.
Weeks later I found out these 2 men are regarded as the "Fathers of Austin Music".

RED ARROWS next long.jpg