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SPONSOR NEEDED to help support me as I keep doing what I've been doing since 1977. Now that I'm 70 and retired I have more time than ever but not the finances to continue with this endeavor. 
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Shiner Beer approached me in late 1985. They made me an offer that was too good to be true. Shiner Beer came through and did exactly as they proposed to do. And they treated me like a king!

For a whole year The Shiner Showcase of Austin Music toured in and around Austin during 1987.

Shiner Beer promoted the Austin Music Scene by way of twelve exhibits at popular local venues featuring studio portraits of Austin's musicians and movers & shakers.
Kelso story 6-inch 200.jpg
Marcia Ball Truck.PNG
Erik Hokkanen.PNG
Evan Johns truck.PNG

Here we are in 2022. Would your company be interested in helping me keep this Austin music photo-documentarty alive?

Feel free to call my landline any time: 512-358-4325. And thank you for looking. Niles.

I can do the same for your company? Promote you. Does your company help support Austin music? Would you like to?


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